BCP: 2,600 German clerics and 277 heretical theologians have excluded themselves from the Church. Their celebration of Holy Mass and administration of sacraments is null and void. And what about Bergoglio?

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The present-day Vatican under Francis Bergoglio issued a document in March 2021 rejecting same-sex church marriages on the grounds that they “cannot bless sin”. On the other hand, Bergoglio advocates the legalization of sodomite unions (2020). The proclamation of opposed attitudes causes chaos. They make no difference between truth and falsehood, good and evil. However, the primary duty of the Pope and the Vatican is to take a clear and unambiguous position on the fundamental issues of faith and morals, and also to clearly express it in words. Jesus says: “Simply let your ‘Yes’ be ‘Yes’, and your ‘No’, ‘No’; anything beyond this comes from the evil one (the devil).” (Mt 5:37)

Bergoglio often uses the method of double meaning. He gives orthodox speeches on repentance abounding in charismatic statements about the inner relationship with the Lord Jesus, and at the same time commits supreme idolatry by enthroning the pagan Pachamama demon. He thus sets a pernicious precedent. In addition, he promotes the legalization of sodomy, which God warns against by pointing to temporal punishment and eternal damnation in hell (Jud 1:7).

Furthermore, Bergoglio imposes vaccination on all. The experimental vaccine changes the human genome, which is a rebellion against both the Creator and humanity. It is made from tissue torn out from unborn babies before they are murdered. That is satanism! This mRNA vaccine with hydrogel is part of the chipping process which the Bible warns against speaking about the lake of fire. What is more, it is a biological weapon with the aim of perpetrating reduction, i.e. mass genocide of humanity! Pseudo Pope Francis vehemently promotes these crimes! This makes him the most dangerous criminal and mass murderer.

Bergoglio deceives ordinary Catholics with his opposed attitudes. He thus keeps them in the external church structure, which he abuses for autogenocide of the Church of Christ. The invalid Pope Francis permanently creates chaos. He changes the church paradigms that are based on Scripture and the Tradition of the Apostles. These sound Christian foundations have always secured salvation!

Bergoglio’s chaos of destructive changes, along with heresies, results in the metamorphosis of the Church of Christ into the anti-Church of the New Age – the harlot of the antichrist. This process of autogenocide must be stopped! Every Catholic must be radically separated from Bergoglio and his sect, which lives parasitically on the body of the Church. Otherwise, satanic infection will spread to all members of Christ’s Church.

It is clear that Bergoglio, as an archheretic and idolater, is not a Pope but a criminal occupier of St Peter’s Chair. At present, therefore, the Church does not have a Pope and is in a state of Sede Vacante. All bishops, priests and believers need to be aware of this reality. We repeat: The Catholic Church does not currently have a Pope.

In March this year, 2,600 German priests and deacons and 277 heretical theologians signed a petition to bless sodomite unions. If St Pius X were Pope today, he would publicly excommunicate these apostate amoral clerics from the Church. A Pope who would not do so would, like Pope Honorius (7th century), be expelled from the Church for silence, that is, for approving heresies that destroy the moral foundation of the Gospel of Christ. Bergoglio not only does not punish the culprits, but even promotes the legalization of sodomy himself. This is a double crime and a multiple anathema which he has brought on himself.

The priests who signed the petition approving the blessing of the sodomites have excluded themselves from the Church by their signature (Gal 1:8-9). Their celebration of Holy Mass and administration of sacraments is null and void. One must know it and take it into account. If these apostates want to remove the anathema from themselves, they must publicly declare that they dissociate themselves from current heresies and that they renounce the anti-biblical attitude towards sodomy. Catholic believers are obliged to put pressure on such priests and not to participate in their pseudo religious services.

By authority of the prophetic and apostolic office, the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate (BCP), which defends the foundations of orthodox doctrine in times of chaos, hereby calls on the 2,877 German clerics to call sodomy what it is – an abomination (Rom 1:26) – and to warn against it (Jud 1:7; 2Pe 2:6). He who persists in obstinacy remains under an anathema – a curse and expulsion from the Church.

The solution to the current crisis is to boycott the usurper of papal power, Bergoglio, and to accept the true Catholic Pope, elected in an extraordinary election in an extraordinary situation with the purpose of preserving the institution of the papacy and carrying out a true reform of the Church.

Let every sincere Catholic make a promise to God to devote one hour (Mt 26:40) to prayer every day, and thus be involved in the process of revival of the Church!

Patriarch of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate

+Methodius OSBMr +Timothy OSBMr
Secretary Bishops

20 May 2021